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Shanying paper has an annual output of 357000 tons of paper-making project with an additional investment of 560million

Shanying paper [-0.51% capital research report] (600567) on the evening of January 16, the company plans to invest an additional 561.84 million yuan in the 357000 tons of paper-making project, and adjust the total investment of the project from 892.97 million yuan to 1454.81 million yuan

in May 2011, Shanying paper decided to build a paper project with an annual output of 357000 tons, with a total investment of 892.97 million yuan. The construction content of the project is to build a new 357000 ton/year low weight linerboard production line, including shredding workshop, pulping workshop, paper workshop, raw material storage yard, finished product warehouse, comprehensive warehouse, water supply and treatment system, wastewater treatment system, steam supply, power supply, plant water supply and drainage integrated pipe, office building and canteen, etc. The additional project investment is mainly used to improve the technical equipment level of the project, and upgrade the technical equipment by increasing the width of the paper machine, increasing the speed, improving the automation level, and using the intelligent warehouse. According to the current construction progress, the company expects the project to be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2014

recently, the paper chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce held the annual national paper conference in Beijing. Zero growth, overcapacity, elimination and integration have become hot words throughout. Experts predict that during the winter in the paper industry, about 1500 of the existing more than 2500 enterprises will die. Only after the elimination and integration can the paper industry usher in spring. Guoyongxin, deputy director of China Light Industry Information Center, said that in recent years, China's paper industry has experienced a new situation that has not been seen in 30 years. From January to September 2013, the national machine-made paper and paperboard industry increased by 0.21% year-on-year, close to zero growth. Among them, from May to September, the monthly output continued to grow negatively, and the negative growth in September was -0.83%

although the output of the paper industry has zero growth, the sales volume has been greatly improved, and the benefit level of the paper industry has rebounded significantly compared with the same period last year. From January to September 2013, the total profit of the national machine-made paper and paperboard paper industry was 21.143 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.31%, of which the profit in September was 3.298 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.22%. Insiders said that zero growth is not without growth. The essence of zero growth is good products. Products needed by the market grow slowly and backward production capacity is eliminated quickly. Therefore, the performance of zero growth seems to mean that the industry has entered a difficult period, but this is the development and sustainability of the industry. 2 Adjusting the stretching speed to the specified value in recent years is an inevitable way, which should be said to be a good phenomenon for the industry. In the process of shuffling, leading companies are expected to benefit

analysts said that Shanying paper's investment project this time is to meet the current domestic market demand to replace high weight cardboard with low weight cardboard, mainly producing low weight cardboard. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the paper industry will eliminate 10million tons of backward production capacity. There is still room for the supply capacity and consumption capacity of box board paper. At the same time, as the country's overall economy is optimistic in the future, the paper industry will continue to grow

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