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The annual output of 100000 tons of glassware project of Zhongwei investment group was officially put into operation

at present, the largest daily-use glassware production project in Southwest China, and the production equipment and technology are in a leading position in the same industry at home and abroad

on December 15, the gongs and drums were loud and the atmosphere was warm in Zhongwei Glass Light Industry Park in Dalong development zone. The ceremony for the commissioning of Guizhou Zhongwei Investment Group Co., Ltd.'s 100000 ton/year glassware project was held ceremoniously

liaoguoxun, Secretary of the local Party committee, Xia Qingfeng, deputy secretary of the local Party committee and Commissioner of the administrative office, Deng Yingming, director of the local working committee of the CPPCC, Tong Liyuan, Deputy Commissioner, Chen tingke, deputy director of the local working committee of the CPPCC and director of the regional Federation of industry and commerce, Deng Weiming, chairman and President of Hunan Zhongwei investment holding group, and Liu Zhihui, director of China Daily Glass Industry Association attended the launch ceremony

the glassware project of Zhongwei investment group is the largest daily-use glassware production project in Southwest China at present. It is a major achievement of our district in increasing the efforts to recruit automobile exterior decorators to attract investment and accelerating the process of industrialization. The project uses coke oven gas as fuel and adopts the most advanced horseshoe flame three channel kiln technology in China. The automation of processing equipment, forming equipment and annealing equipment ranks first in the same industry in China. At the same time, the project comprehensively utilizes its own surplus coke oven gas technology, which is the independent innovation achievement of Zhongwei group and is the first application in the global glass industry. The completion of the project will break the long-standing pattern of high-end glass products relying on imports and foreign product OEM, take the lead in carrying the banner of independent innovation in the industry, and set a benchmark for cultivating independent brands

the first phase of the glassware project of Zhongwei Investment Group invested 120million yuan, making the pointer of air and space time zero. The construction began in mid June this year. After working hard day and night for more than five months with a stable value within ± 2, the plant construction, equipment installation and commissioning, human resources recruitment and preliminary construction of marketing network were completed. On November 28, the product was officially offline, creating a miracle of the speed of industry construction. The project is completed and put into operation, with an annual output of 100000 tons of glass products, more than 1500 new employees, an annual output value of 360million yuan, and an annual profit and tax of more than 20 million yuan, which has good social and economic benefits

on behalf of the prefectural Party committee and the administrative office, Xia Qingfeng expressed warm congratulations on the commissioning of the project and sincere greetings to the cadres and workers of Dalong Development Zone and the employees of Zhongwei group who are fighting hard in the leading line of project construction. Xia Qingfeng said that after the adjustment of the management system of the Dalong Development Zone, the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the development zone closely focused on the goal of building the development zone into a model park in Guizhou Province "to expand opening-up, attract foreign investment, adjust the industrial structure, and change the mode of economic development", based on resource advantages and comparative advantages, unswervingly took project introduction and project construction as a top priority, and actively promoted the infrastructure construction of the park, We will spare no effort to create an investment environment that is friendly to, safe for, and rich for business. We will do everything possible to attract investment, work hard to attract investment, and introduce and settle down a large number of enterprises represented by Zhongwei group. Our achievements are hard won and must be cherished

Xia Qingfeng said that the completion and operation of the glassware project of Zhongwei investment group is conducive to local economic development and driving people to increase income and employment. Dalong development zone should further implement the mechanism of "one project, one team, one plan, one leader and one grasp to the end", support and help Zhongwei group to improve the later construction of the project, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the production and operation of the enterprise, and ensure the early production and early results. It is hoped that Zhongwei group company will adhere to the development concept of "Zhongwei, Centennial Zhongwei" and take creating a first-class enterprise and doing high-quality projects as its purpose to further improve the scientific and technological content of glass products projects, accelerate the improvement of project production capacity and benefits, and achieve a win-win situation between government and enterprises

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